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What can you do? Find and get involved in activities that help you relax, like meditation, or have a nice bath and massage at a spa.

Monthly Horoscope: Taurus, November 2018

Some are extremely easy to find at the supermarket and to bring into your diet, such as onion and garlic, beets, oily fish or pineapple. The smell of roses whether it comes from incense or perfumes will give you a higher, better mood, so use its benefits!

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All about Libra. View in app. In any event, your planetary patterns will quickly restore your good humour, encouraging a new-found confidence.

Taurus - all about taurus!

Time for a romantic adventure, perhaps? There is only one major planetary alignment which need concern you at the moment, and that involves Mars and Mercury. These planets are perfectly poised to administer a social tonic and give your morale a general boost, just what you need at the moment.

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Seldom have you experienced a period which is at once so decisive yet has the potential to be so utterly confusing. Should you go or stay, begin or end a series of involvements that have become your whole life? Be patient and gradually the answers will work themselves out.

Belligerent Mars is stirring up your ambitions, indicating that this is really not a restful time for you, yet neither is it beyond you to take great strides forward. There is a cynical side to the Scorpionic nature: what is the point, you may ask, in struggling on when so little seems to be gained?

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Yet with the planets rapidly assuming a profoundly benevolent relationship to your sign, there is little doubt that events are now starting to move your way. The parts of your chart linked to material prosperity are still active and your business affairs seem to be growing ever more complex. What a tangled web you weave when you try! Now you must find your way out of any confusion, and reestablish some sort of certainty. Whatever your day-to-day concerns, I must periodically remind you that the passage which you are now going through will be one of the most remarkable phases of your life.