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I cant even imagine how those teachers must feel. It just does'nt seem possible that those in power could do this. Interesting post! Have you checked out asteroids? I've just come across your post because I've been checking out asteroids such as Nessus, Dejanira, Child and Eros in famous people's birth charts who have been connected to child abuse cases.. Thank you for commenting here - it's good to know that older posts still manage to receive eyes on 'em! Fixed Stars are my only "extra" other than basic Western astrology lore.

I am interested in your findings though, and thank you for bringing them to our attention. Hey, thank a lot for your the reply : I'm new to astrology so me looking at asteroids is just a bit of playing around but I've noticed Dejanira the vicitim , Nessus the abuser and negative combinations of those with Child, Psyche, Lust and Eros and of course, Pluto, Chiron etc to be prominent in charts where there are child abuse allegations Pedowood etc.

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IC exact! Psyche sq. Moon, Child sq. Psyche, Sun sq.

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Saturn, Pluto conj. Psyche in H12, Chiron conj. Venus There is actually much more, those are just prominent examples that I being new to astrology immediately spotted, and I didn't want to bore you : Anyhow, while I'm a little overwhelmed with using asteroids since I haven't even mastered planet astrology yet , I still feel like they can add important detail to the mix, even if I don't understand them fully as of now..

The one thing that does bother me a little on this topic is the naming of these bodies, by astronomers I suppose - and the automatic connection to the mythological characters' stories connected to the name. Same thing bothers me sometimes about Uranus, Neptune and Pluto - and all the other bodies discovered and named in relatively modern times.

I do intend to do some more reading on it. Hi Twilight! Thanks so much for the reply and your interest : I do understand your concerns and in a way I feel like accepting and including asteroids comes more natural to people who haven't studied astrology for very long.. However, I have just accepted the interpretations that I have read which do stem from their mythological names, like you said and have discovered that, to me, there seems to be a truth to it.. Or, i. If yes, I'd be super interested to hear about that I have Uranus conj. I've noticed that most people who are more sceptical have practiced astrology for a longer period of time and people who are quite open are usually very new to the subject.

I have also once read the theory that when astrological bodies are discovered, is the exact time they and their implied topics come to collective consciousness, so maybe that's why it's easier for the younger generation of people interested in astrology to accept them? Either way, I don't think there is a definitive right answer as to how important asteroids are.

I think it is just different ethics of belief that may be connected to generational aspects, and maybe in a way asteroids defy logic but still work? Anyhow, Thanks so much and have a great holiday season!

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  8. It's late now, but I'll read your comment again tomorrow, and think on it some more. Then I might use your comment in a new post during next week or next weekend. Lots to think about! Warm wishes for the coming season to you too VV!

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    Oh wow, I just saw I totally missed it! Anyhow, on to reading your post! Thank you for watching, liking, sharing, commenting and subscribing.

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    Pisces February Midmonth You didn't see this coming!! High Vibrations 7 months ago. Pisces February Steve Judd Astrology 8 months ago. What are superpowers? They are the unique and powerful abilities that one February Kelley Rosano 8 months ago.

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    Pisces February Readimg Tracey Brown 8 months ago. Subscribe and then hit the for upload notifications! Never miss a video. Pisces February Tarot reading forecast Roshan Sylvia 8 months ago. Here is my Pisces forecast February tarot reading. This applies to you if you are born under the astrological zodiac sun sign Thank you so much for your likes, shares, comments, and subscriptions! Housemember Join Link Pisces February They have regrets, and want to make things right Illume Astrology 8 months ago.

    Pisces this is a love reading and it seems someone wants forgiveness and wants to treat you right or make things right a new start. Spiritual OG 7 months ago.

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    The BEST horoscope. In this horoscope for February , Masha Volina, astrologist from Ukraine, will do astrological analysts for your Zodiac sign. The messages coming through are meant to shed light and guidance. Members only chats, mini live tarot lessons and more! The transfer is exceptional on the Dirty Harry blu ray. Anyway, the film holds up great and I was surprised to see just how many subsequent films cringed from it, especially Shane Blacks first Lethal Weapon screenplay, and not just the talking a jumper down scene, but the new partner angle and Martin Riggs is really just Harry Calahn with a touch of crazy added.

    Also Die Hard With a Vengeance phone booth to phone booth plot device. Anyway a great write up by you as always. Not going to touch on the politics of the film because what is there really left to say about it anyway? Oh, the stadium helicopter shot and Harry on the bridge are just aesomw shots, truly iconic.

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    Glad you liked it, hope some of the titles I pick in the future are ones you enjoy as well! Post a Comment. Peel's Sardine Liqueur. Wright was there on Jan. No surprise, Tarantino had a lot to say. When an attempt to catch Scorpio Andrew Robinson goes wrong, the maniac kidnaps another girl and demands an even greater ransom.

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    Basically the entire film looks to be shot in location with the obvious exception of the bank robbery sequence filmed on the Universal not Warner lot and the city somehow feels more horizontal than it does in any other film, odd considering what our normal perception of the place is. The numerous views we see from high above making it seem strangely flat and spread out as if its citizens are all insects in this massive landscape, ready to be mowed down by Scorpio as he lingers on a rooftop waiting to take down as many innocent lambs as possible.

    I lean to the left, and I don't make political movies. I was telling the story of a hard-nosed cop and a dangerous killer. The extended sequence of Callahan being sent throughout the city from one phone booth to the other as he tries to deliver the ransom is phenomenally well-executed with amazing nighttime cinematography by Brice Surtees, one of those long sections of a movie without any score that I kind of love.

    Seriously, I want Callahan to press down harder on his leg. The scene ends with that astounding helicopter shot which allows us to finally exhale in the midst of all our rage, pulling back to reveal hero and villain, alone in that massive stadium, this arena the modern action movie has suddenly turned into and because of this power would never be anything else ever again.

    But what struck me more than anything on this viewing structurally was how it proceeds to the final showdown and the way it pulls this off is pretty close to perfect. Does he go somewhere and mutter a line of dialogue? Does he go to clean out his desk first? Stop at a bar for a drink?

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    Catch a glimpse of himself in the mirror? Pause for a moment after getting into his car? What can really be said about Clint Eastwood as Harry Callahan by this point, playing the role that provided the perfect outlet for his screen presence, even more than he was able to do in the Leone westerns? He seems like the sort of guy who it would be fun to have a beer with, as long as you catch him in the right mood that is but when that anger boils up in him he shows what Callahan has really become deep down.

    I hit her. So he hit me.