Aries: March 21 – April 19

The eccentric orbit of Phaethon brings it well inside the orbit of Mercury every 1. The rocky body thus receives a regular blast of solar heating that might boil jets of dust into the Geminid stream.

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Could this be the answer? Coronagraphs onboard STEREO can detect sungrazing asteroids and comets, and in June they detected Phaethon only 15 solar diameters from the sun's surface. Perhaps the rock comet was more active in the past …? The best time to look is probably between local midnight and sunrise on Dec. Bundle up, go outside, and savour the mystery.

Here endeth the Lesson Click to tell your friends about this page! While returning to a time, friend, event, city, state, or idea from the past, you ponder on spiritual realities and attempt to conquer tasks not quite completed. These bring forth revelations, next steps, forgiveness and closure. These are directions for further learning.

Consider different paths forward. Gemini May 22—June Some things have outlived their usefulness.

Comet ISON Astrology Chart

Thank them, releasing them to their next reality. Mars action and Mercury thoughts in your 12th, ask you to consider a place of contemplation, poise and quiet for a month. Energies are affecting you from all directions. When challenges appear you want to step aside like a tai-chi master letting energies flow into elements. Tai-chi, calligraphy and archery are good disciplines for you, the brothers, ruled by Venus.

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Cancer June 21—July You attempt to remain hidden even while in the world serving others. You have the intention to balance inner and outer, public and private, seen and unseen of which you both are and are not. Something new occurs in your groups. Leo July 21—August Is a sense of abandonment being felt? Someone misses you. Virgo August 23—September Be extra cautious and aware. Ask yourself if what you want is a past memory, a present need or a future reality you must create?

Nurture all plans with kindly patience. Daily life can feel difficult, transforming, yet regenerative.

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Always seek forgiveness. Step away for a while.

A long trip elsewhere would be good. Libra September 23—October As Pluto retrogrades this week, you turn toward home seeking what needs renovating, redecorating and reimagining. The garden first. New vines, perhaps, especially night-blooming ones—jasmine and moon flowers.

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Dwelling for a moment on something fun, just for once! A brief look at both charts, yes we have their true birth times, show an exact conjoining of her Sun and his Mars! Why does that matter? And ancient Egyptian astrologers looked for this aspect above all others when planning royal marriages since it was chemistry that would produce heirs to the throne! December th loading up in Sagittarius as we head into the new moon weekend, are the Sun, Moon, Venus and Saturn. New moons in the vedically challenging place of Mula, can be a combination of magic and also, disruption.

The whole point of this late Sagittarian new moon is to get to the bottom or root of something, and then cut away that which is not necessary. Uranus is there to bring out the best of the day, something arising from the bottom of this lake of fire will no doubt be well received. Monday looks to be a thoughtful day, with a moon in Capricorn as we stand at the edge waiting for the big move of Sun and Saturn into the same location.

Seriousness and level headedness should prevail. Fine with me. How perfect is it that the new moon going from dark to light occurs right on the darkest day of the year, the Winter Solstice, December 21st am PST , which has been reverently celebrated for millennia as the Return of the Light? The other part of this is the fact that the previous August Solar Eclipse is being triggered here, so what national or global news will ping our phones?

It looks to be in positive territory and the water aspects linking Mars and Jupiter, so rare in Scorpio, support our National Sun in Cancer, as well, making for a hopeful moment. The night of Friday, the 22nd, brings more cosmic entertainment with the Ursids meteor showers—and Mercury now moves direct. December 23d, Today might bring some mildly confusing times moments, did I forget to pick up that package or buy someone a gift card?

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But now the fun begins, as we move into Saturnalia, oh excuse me, I meant Christmas. December 24th This is one of those rare days when the moon and Mars and Jupiter, oh and Neptune, all in water, win the synchronized swimming award! Each one looking out for the other! Those Scorpio planets arrive and thrive! Lucky those of you with degrees of water signs on your chart, follow the links provided to see or maybe your birthdays down below.

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The powerful mystical and magical aspect of this water trine should not be understated. Get out your harps! Steady is the word of the day. Wait, I have to catch my breath.

The Geminid Meteor Display

All this works out perfectly up until about PST. And for my gift to you, I m repeating my philosophy, which is : Use astrology and do not let it use you! December th Monday dawns with a slightly emotionally deprived and sensitive moon aspect. The stability of the early Capricorn planets mean that plans will continue, dinner will be served on time and with the proper china.

Some harboring of hurts linger into early am Tuesday, a day with very few if any, aspects at all. December 27th, Bam! It might be the perfect night for a party come to think of it. Very late into the 28th the Taurus moon adds some cheerfulness and harmony to blend with the other guests, Pluto, Mars, Neptune, you know who I mean. This is a floral fest, a cooking time, a happy time. Interesting is the forward Mercury aspect to the nodes, a thinking, planning and decisive moment for sure with some sweet aspects!

Use them!